Kingpin Vs. Kingpinless Steel Casters: Understanding The Differences

3 November 2015
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Choosing the right steel caster can make all the difference when it comes to designing carts for industrial material handling tasks. Swiveling casters that provide omnidirectional movement are usually designed with kingpin or kingpinless swivel sections. The following takes an in-depth look at both designs, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. Kingpin Designs Kingpin swivel casters are the traditional go-to design for a wide variety of steel casters. A typical kingpin caster consists of an upper and lower ball race, along with upper and lower thrust bearings that help distribute loads during movement. Read More 

2 Types Of Compressed Air Filters And How They Can Help Your Business

26 January 2015
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If you own a business, you might be more concerned about meeting your quarterly financial goals than you are about which type of filters you need on your production line. However, the purity of your water and air can make a significant difference in the quality of your produced goods. Here are two types of compressed air filters and how they can improve your business: 1: Particulate Filters Nothing is more frustrating than getting to work in the morning and being confronted by a piece of machinery that bit the dust over the graveyard shift. Read More